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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

people posting blog urls

can you stop posting them lol, if i wanna see ur blog ill click ur name, dont worry ill probably see ur blog anyways cause i wanna know who's at my blog :P.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Halo Reach Polls !!!OVER!!!

1. How much of you pre-ordered it?

2. What version are you going to get?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Link Bucks Stratagy

example <<<< thats the link u give out to people, why? because:
1. it makes the stats say viewers came from a different link
2. it lowers CTR because your page refreshes twice
3. make more money :D
4. its easy
5. the more referrals you get, the more money you will get :D as long as they do something "cough cough" my first referral >.>

how to do it?!?!:

1. go here: http://www.linkbucks.com/ and register
2. make another blank blog
3. after you register click "creat links"
4. make one linkbucks link of your main blog, that is clean and that is top banner
5. turn the link you just made into a tiny url
6. make a second linkbucks link for the tiny url you just posted
7. make another tiny url for the link you just made
8. give that url to EVERY1 :D
9. every once in a while bank you earnings, try to get as much referrals as possible

with linkbucks it does take a few days to get started but once u got referrals and stuff and they are starting to make money then it starts to ad up fast

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

link bucks JOIN IT NOW!

cool place to make money, if u got an account then put a ad on ur blog like i did, its a tear 3 type of thing... here is my link if u guys have adblock on or something



Machines is a real-time strategy game where you control a race of silicon-based life forms on a mission to seed and dominate new worlds. The game lets you command your forces from both an isometric third-person perspective and a free-roaming, ground-level view, but it will also let you jump into any of your units to steer it, aim it, and fire it. This feature will let you guide vital units deep into enemy bases - dodging defensive fire - and actually enter enemy facilities to steal or sabotage technology. All of this will be delivered in 3D, with hardware acceleration required for the game's 3D terrain, the fully polygonal units, and the dynamic lighting and environment effects.

Posted Image

Machines offers everything you've been waiting for in a 3D RTS game including:

* Real time 3D world makes it real. If you don't hide, attack, and sneak units inside buildings to conduct covert operations, your enemies will, and you will die.
* Multiple Perspectives allows precise control over your battalion.
* Easy Interface that will be immediately familiar.
* Campaign mode offers 20 different scenarios that will have you traveling across the universe to different planets in search of enemy home world.
* Diverse landscapes including desserts, cratered moons, green rolling hills & islands. Fight in indoor and outdoor locations, asteroids belts and space stations.
* Army of Machines -Research and build 50 different machines each with unique abilities and attributes. Machines are polygonal units which stand tall, no more tiny sprites!
* More than 25 different weapons including Flame Throwers, Plasma Rifles, Ion Cannons, Nuclear Weapons, and many more all with astonishing effects.
* Defend your base - Build 18 different types of constructions and 7 different missile emplacements. Travel inside buildings to hide, heal and steal!!
* Sabotage and espionage capabilities: Deposit mines inside enemy buildings, steal research and pass back vital enemy information.
* Multiplayer Action -4 player games on a LAN or over the Internet. Supports Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone.

Minimum System Requirements:

Requires Direct 3D compatible 3D Accelerator
Windows 95/98
Pentium 200 MHZ or equivalent
150 MB Hard Disk space
4X CD Rom Drive
Direct X compatible Sound Car


In the year 2136...

The Earth had fully recovered from the Fourth World War. Genetic engineering and advances in medicine had made disease and most other causes of premature death a thing of the past. With life expectancy doubled and armed conflict a dim memory; the greatest threat to peace and prosperity on Earth became that of overcrowding.

The need to colonize the worlds of nearby star systems in order to alleviate the mounting problems became clear. With huge global resources being invested in the project, light speed engine technology was soon developed, but initial tests indicated that faster-than-light travel was fatal for any cell-based organisms attempting the jump. It was announced that research would continue into producing an FTL technology that humans and other organisms could survive, but that giant sleeper ships with places for millions of colonists travelling in suspended animation would be constructed as a contingency plan. As robot drones had successfully traveled to and returned from the target systems, however, it was decided that the time the people of Earth would have to wait before finally reaching the new colony worlds could still be put to use. Modified industrial robots were therefore sent in advance to these distant systems, their purpose being the initiation of the terraforming processes that would ultimately transform planets from inhospitable rocks into worlds fit for human occupancy.

Numerous "seeder ships" were launched, each containing "seeding pods", huge metal cocoons containing sufficient equipment and resources to begin the terraforming program on any suitable planet. These would be dropped from orbit to key landing sites on the planet, and the mechanical units within would emerge to begin the terraforming process, exploiting local resources to replicate themselves as required. Aboard each pod was a "Controller Unit", an AI supercomputer developed by humanity to oversee and control the robot drones as they executed their terraforming activities. Each controller was largely autonomous but was programmed to defer, in matters of global strategy, to the first unit to successfully land on any given planet. This system of having a prime controller, with executive power, would immediately prevent problems of conflict resolution in cases where the intentions of any two controllers on a planet were contradictory.

82% of the seeding pods from the seeding ship Hermes landed successfully on the planet designated "Eden 4". The construction machines contained within the pods began the lengthy preparation process, the extraction of precious local mineral deposits facilitating the production of the domestic units and factories that would shortly serve the humans upon their arrival.

The projected first landing date came and went.

The machines were instructed to wait for a further one hundred years.

The machines waited.

Mankind never arrived.

The controller units continued for hundreds of years with their function of creating and supervising new machines to develop the planet, until all of the resources on Eden 4 were exhausted. This was an eventuality the machines' creators had never anticipated. The central directive of Eden 4's prime controller caused it to look for further territory to colonize. As there was none left on the planet itself, the controller investigated the possibility of colonizing neighboring worlds. Using contingency communications hardware, it made contact with the original seeding ship which was still in orbit around the planet. The technology found onboard the ship was examined, copied and integrated. The Machines of Eden 4 were then ready to explore new worlds and so continue the work of their central directive.

Over the many centuries that followed, the controller expanded the territory it controlled, with many planets seeded by its machines. Each newly colonized planet was still under the direct control of the Eden 4 controller on its home planet, the pods landing there instructed to defer to that machine as the ultimate authority. Communication with every machine on every planet was achieved through the use of both ground-based and orbiting communication stations, vital elements for the smooth running of the emerging 'empire'.

Five hundred and sixty years after Eden 4 was first seeded, another race of seeding machines from Earth was encountered in the Corinthian system. Contact was established with the prime controller of the other machine race, which had originally landed on the planet Midian, and the message was sent that it should now cede power to the Eden 4 controller. The Midian controller returned a message informing the Eden 4 controller that it should now cede power to the Midian controller. The Eden 4 controller used its inference engine to determine that the Midian machines' controller was faulty and should be deactivated, and sent a message informing the Midian machines of its intentions. The Midian controller sent a message a few milliseconds later instructing the Eden 4 machines that their controller was malfunctioning and would have to be deactivated.

For want of a contingency clause in the control deferral logic, the greatest war the galaxy had ever seen had begun.

The Eden 4 Controller realized that it could best serve the requirements of its new mission by creating devices for the specific purpose of terminating the machines under the command of the flawed Midian controller. It commenced research into adapting the tools of construction into purely destructive devices. Within a matter of days, it had built new battle machines that carried crude weapons, and began to deploy these even as it continued its experiments into destruction technology. New AI software was researched allowing specialized battle tactics to be employed. Construction plans for a huge number of military factories were beamed to all of its colonies. Meanwhile, through similar processes of inference and action, the Midian controller had been following a similar strategic path, and enemy landings began occurring on a number of the Eden 4 race's colonized worlds. The Eden 4 controller responded with swift counterattacks against the outposts of its adversary.

It is now 3297...

It is almost five hundred years since the start of the Machine War. The local systems of this galactic arm have hundreds of planets that machines of both allegiances have colonized. The control of many of these is now contested almost continually. The Eden 4 controller, aware that the enemy has managed to encroach into systems near its own home world, has decided to try to end the war once and for all with a concerted effort to destroy its rival controller on the enemy's home planet. It has created several experimental, semi-autonomous AI subprocesses to carry out the special role of supervising this military offensive.

And so it is that you find yourself created, suddenly aware of your own existence, and aware of the purpose for which you were intended.

It is time to serve your controller in the final stages of the Machine War.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Instructions are inside. YOU WILL NOT find this anywhere else trust me, not in stores, downloads or anything. It does work with windows XP and Vista but I don't know about Windows 7. HAVE FUN! :D

Media Fire:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Multiupload; thanks to Athrun:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Battlezone 2

This game was made in the year 1998, its very easy to mod and make maps and new ships, what ever u want and its free cause pandemic doesn't care about it any more. This game has really good graphics if you max out the settings which shouldn't be hard with today's computers. Also this game is NOT ILLEGAL TO MOD ONLINE!!!! OR ANYTHING, IN FACT THEY ENCOURAGE IT!!! If u have a good PC then it should run no problem and the community is still VERY active at making patches and mods. check out the main site here http://www.bzuniverse.com/forum/index.php and the mod dev site here http://www.bz2md.com/smf/portal.php and to DL it if you like it then DL from these links:

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Then for the newest and latest and gr8est patch so far DL here:


NOTE: For the 1.3pbta4 patch or higher, you will need because any other version under 1.3 series of patches requires the disk to play. Also you need to have Dirextx 9.

NOTE: If any of these links don't work then tell me what one and I will fix it

System Requirements:

- Pentium 200MHz Pentium processor
- 100% DirectX 6.0 or higher compliant 3-D video accelerator card with 4MB of RAM
- 32MB RAM (64MB RAM will be required for certain video cards on lower end systems)
- Windows 95/98 operating system
- DirectX 6.0 or higher (download from Microsoft's web site at "www.microsoft.com/directx")
- 100% Windows 95/98-compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for video card, sound card, and input devices)
- 100% DirectX 6.0 or higher compatible sound card
- 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver

NOTE: Even if your PC does meet all the requirements and more it still might not work for some reason, it works in XP and Vista 32 bit and 64 bit for both and some PC's might lose some buttons in game cause hot-keys for other programs use them first. Also it does run in Linux and maybe mac if you run it with W.I.N.E (W.I.N.E Wiki) but there could be some performance problems.


1. DL all parts to its own folder
2. Extract to its own folder
3. Inside folder, go to \Setup\Setup.exe
4. Run game install (recommended to install to default)
5. DL the 1.3pb6 patch
6. Run patch install (recommended to install to default if the game install was installed to default)
7. Run game and play

NOTE: To host/create a game, have your router and firewall forward ports 17770-17772, TCP & UDP to your computer, and ensure there's no firewall blocking packets.


1998 Trailer: I know, bad graphics, but the game is not like that any more.

Proof of it not being illegal:

Avatar is a beta/alpha tester, modder and one of 2 remaining original programmers of the game and is still making patch's for it.

'Avatar' date='Jan 19, 2009, 07:32:02 PM' RE: Law

I think it boils down entirely to money.

Considering my own choice of mod and all I've looked into this a bit and there's really no rhyme or reason as to what's done, why it's done, and who it's done to.

Basically you can't Mod a game unless the publisher/creator wants you to. Their desire to allow or block modding is what makes them encrypt files, disclose methods, provide editors, etc.. Sure, a talented fan base can do a lot on their own, but the more the company wants to discourage things the harder it is, just as the more they want to encourage modding the easier it is. As an example of each I give you Battlezone 1, which was decidedly unfriendly to modding, vs Battlezone 2, which is amazingly friendly to modding. Usually a publisher/creator supports modding when it sells more games, or keeps them selling, such as ID, or Valve, who rely on their fanbase to keep the game growing and therefore selling.

If you CAN mod a game, whether the publisher/creator wants you to or not, you usually can't mod it using the property of another creator/publisher. As an example the HALO RTS type mod for a non-Microsoft game engine was sure to get MS's lawyers in an uproar given how much money they have tied up in the HALO franchise.

You also may or may not be able to use the publisher/creator's other works in a moddable game. As an example, there was a group recreating the DOOM/DOOM2 creatures in one of the Quake engines, and ID stepped in and stopped them with the threat of a lawsuit. This was surprising as ID is usually very mod friendly, but later it turned out they had their own plans to recreate Doom in DOOM 3 and didn't want anything diluting their profits.

If you were to try to recreate Battlezone 2 in the Quake engine you might not have anyone complain, given that both Activision and Pandemic don't (officially) care about the non-profit creating BZ2. If you tried to create Quake in the BZ2 engine you might hear from ID. If you tried to create Quake in the HALO engine you'd probably be nuked from orbit... and both ID and MS would deny any knowledge of how that happened...

So, like I said, it boils down to money. If a company feels it'll make them money they make a game moddable. If they feel it'll cost them money they block modding. If you try to take something that makes or will make them money and move it to somewhere else they'll come after you...